The 134 kilometers longest continuous and unbroken sandy beach in the world, Which is composed of beautiful and aristocratic beauty of nature, Where there are hills and sea amity, Row Row of tamarisk. Extensive sandstone across the horizon, Sun is rising in the morning like a brass platter and in the evening the sun –rays of sunset with the beauty of beauties. The world’s longest continuous beach in Cox’s Bazar is written in the south-east coast of the country.

In addition with the overall support of the tourists entertainment The ‘Sus4 Events’ will be able to follow its path ahead. For 16 Years sus4 events will continue to play a significant role in the tourism industry . The company has been able to solve all of programs with the success of the national and international quality company to make annual sales conference and picnic in various elite hotels, including five star hotel.

Popular places to visits : Sent Martin , Ramu Buddhist temple, Shaplapur Beach, Sonadia island, Inane Beach, Cox’s Bazar Buddhist temple, Himchori Fountains and Beach, Dulahajara safari park, Moheskhali Adinat temple, Mermaid beach and Eco resort, Bodar Mokam Mosque.


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